Yohan’s Story


When I was younger, I loved being outdoors and active. My dad and I went on hikes, climbs, bike rides and ski trips. These are very fond, but remote, memories now.

CMT stole those experiences from us.

CMT is a progressive disease that affects my nerves and makes my muscles weak. Progressive means it gets worse over time. There are no treatments or cures. Walking can even become challenging due to foot deformities and pain.

When I graduate from college in May, I have to have extensive surgery on both feet. These surgeries will enable me to continue walking, unassisted, for a while longer.

Thankfully, the CMTA is carrying out ground breaking research to find treatments to stop the progression of CMT. Research takes money, so I hope you can give to the CMTA to help me and the 2.8 million people with CMT around the world. Your donation will help us cure this degenerative disease.

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