Why Cycle (and Walk!) 4 CMT?

From Broken Dreams, Hope is Born

By Chris Ouellette

“Watch me!” Yohan shouted, as he bombed down the living room carpet filled with treacherous moguls and turns. At 8 years old, Yohan skied hard, twisting, turning and hopping down the imaginary slope, imitating the Olympic athletes he followed on TV. Exhausted from his “run”, he waited for the judges to tally his score. Using a megaphone, Chris announced, “Winner of the US Gold Medal for downhill skiing, Yohan Bouchard!” The crowd cheered wildly. After years of hard work and training, he prevailed…..he was taking home the Gold!

We did not know what to expect from Yohan’s CMT diagnosis 18 years ago,” Chris reflected. “I had no idea that Yohan would not be able to ski, snowboard, hike or do most of the activities we all enjoy so much here on the east coast.”

Chris Celebrates Yohan’s Completion of Graduate School.

Like so many with CMT, pain, muscle weakness, fatigue, loss of balance and sensation significantly hampered Yohan’s physical abilities. This realization spurred Chris Ouellette and his family into action.

Transforming their helplessness into passion and drive, the Cycle (and Walk!) 4 CMT event was created in 2014,  connecting Vermonters’ love of outdoor activity to a day of fundraising in support of CMTA treatment-driven research to put an END to CMT.

Chris does not consider CMT to be Yohan’s problem alone. “CMT is OUR challenge. And with your help, we can and will change the world of CMT.”

Will you join us?

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