STAR Research

Launched in 2008, STAR (Strategy to Accelerate Research) brings together researchers and pharmaceutical companies to find treatments for CMT. 

  • The CMTA has spent over $10M in recent years and expects to spend about $10M in the near future to help bring CMT drugs to market. We currently have over 44 active research projects with top labs around the world, all vetted through our medical STAR Advisory Board, which comprises 30 of the most pre-eminent CMT scientists from across the globe.
  • The CMTA has a network of 28 CMTA Centers of Excellence and a partnership with the Inherited Neuropathies Consortium (INC). Through this network, we are building patient registries and outcome measures for our pharmaceutical and biotech partners to aid in fast and effective clinical trials.
  • The CMTA now has partnership agreements with more than 20 pharmaceutical, biotech and research service organizations  across 3 continents.
  • They are leaders in the latest genetic and neurological technologies (such as CRISPR, gene therapy, gene silencing, axon and muscle regeneration) and are actively working with us to develop treatments and a cure for people living with CMT. 
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