Everyone Can Make a Difference, Especially Now

CMT Will Not Own Me!

The Cycle (and Walk!) 4 CMT is going VIRTUAL this year. VIRTUAL means anyone, anywhere can cycle, walk, and/or roll 4 CMT, raise money for CMT research and earn great-looking swag.

For the first time in the history of the Cycle (and Walk!) 4 CMT, Yohan Bouchard, the driving force behind this event, is on 2 wheels and ready to rock roll. Go Yo!!

Cycling with CMT requires willpower, focus, stamina and balance – all of which Yohan has worked hard to perfect over the past year. Join Yohan, his family and friends across the country by signing up to be part of Team Cycle (and Walk!) 4 CMT.  We need you now more than ever.

For more information on registering or donating:  www.cycle4cmt.com

Meet Yohan – the inspiration for the Cycle here:  https://cycle4cmt.com/meet-yohan/

Become a Sponsor

We welcome the opportunity to develop new corporate partnerships for Cycle 4 CMT.