Changing the World with Love: A True Story

Cycle (and Walk!) 4 CMT founder Chris Ouellette with his nephew, Yohan Bouchard.

Love Fosters Action to Make Change

As a child, Yohan Bouchard spent summers and a few winters in his mom’s hometown of Vermont. Time with family and friends was the highlight of his year. As the years passed, Yohan developed an unbreakable bond of friendship with his Uncle Chris. They enjoyed precious moments in the warmer months, running in the rain, swimming and hiking and then having snowball fights, skiing and snowboarding during the holiday seasons. Life was good, but the subtle signs of CMT warned of challenges to come. From one year to the next, CMT symptoms of fatigue, tripping, hand tremor, and foot deformities worsened over a seemingly short period of time. Yohan went from being an active kid to giving up some of his most enjoyable activities due to the complications of CMT.

Love. Action. Change.

Chris knew he had to do something to help Yohan, but what? Turning his love into action, he launched the Cycle (and Walk!) 4 CMT. Eight years and $1.4 million later, the event is expanding worldwide with both an in-person and virtual component. The goal? To bring people together, provide hope to those with CMT and fund CMTA-STAR research for a cure.

The 8th Annual Cycle (and Walk!) 4 CMT

With 5 ways to participate, you can easily turn love into action!

The Cycle (and Walk!) 4 CMT is not just a fundraiser; it’s a community event bringing people together to beat CMT. It also gives Yohan and the many others with CMT hope for a much-needed treatment, one which will stop the progression of CMT and eventually lead to a cure.

Take action NOW for the ones you love and drive change toward a world without CMT. There is no better time than the present to act.

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