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Cycle For CMT Fundraising Event

Help find a cure for CMT – August 27, 2017. Enjoy incredible cycling, breathtaking views of Vermont’s Lake Champlain and the Green Mountains while fundraising for a great cause.

Explore The Course

Enjoy a morning ride with family and friends while supporting those with CMT. Riders can choose from one of four beautiful cycling routes that travel through the scenic Vermont towns of Shelburne, Charlotte and Hinesburg. All routes start and end


After Party

Event Party – Cold VT Beer, Incredible Food and Live Music (11:00 – 3:00) All participants (riders and non-riders) can enjoy one of the best parties offered by any VT Cycling Event.  After your ride, unwind in a beautiful setting


Learn about CMT

Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease, or CMT, slowly destroys the peripheral nerves, all the nerves outside the brain and spinal cord. This nerve damage causes muscle weakness and wasting, and some loss of sensation, mostly in the extremities of the body: the feet,


Featured News

Surgery, Smurgery: What Are We Going To Do About That Beard?

Same foot.  Same surgeon. Similar surgery. Different results!!!!!! The recovery experience, so far, has been nothing, and I mean nothing like the first surgery in June of 2016, which is the best news ever. And this is how I’m feeling about that: We took preemptive measures: The anesthesiologist beefed up the nerve block so it Read More…

Cadavers Save Lives: True Story!

UPDATE! Yohan had his second  7-hour surgery ( a redo of his left foot) on Wednesday, March 29 at Cedars-Sinai, in LA with Dr. Glenn Pfeffer. As you may have guessed, his first surgery was not successful. We will probably never really know why, but apparently, some of Yohan’s muscles in his lower leg were Read More…